General Partner | Co-Founder
NYC native Serge Milman grew up in NYC and never really left having graduated from NYU, Stern School of Business and beginning his Wall Street career shortly thereafter.

Milman's career began at the Federal Reserve Bank on the FX desk. After one year of working for the "man", Milman began working for a small proprietary trading firm - Broadway Trading - which harnessed the latest technologies of the time allowing smaller investors direct access to the markets. While just 25 years old, Serge was featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine and was the youngest person to grace the cover until Mark Zuckerberg came along.

Milman founded Ronin Asset Management, a proprietary trading firm, and grew the business to over 70 traders managing his and investors' capital.

In 2009, Milman founded Dellwood Capital Partners LP, a long/short TMT fund. During this time, Serge was already an active investor in the NYC venture community.

In 2015, Serge wound Dellwood down to a long-term investment vehicle and founded Adventure Collective LLC, a closed-end venture fund, to build out his track record.
Adventure Collective invested in entities such as Petal, Jackpocket, Get Tattle, Flip.Lease and many more. The collective market value of Milman's portfolio companies today exceeds $2B.

In 2017, Milman joined Starta Ventures as a full-time equity partner. After 3 excellent years at Starta, Serge left to found 840 Venture Partners. Our focus is early-stage fintech and future-of-work.

General Partner | Co-Founder
Benjamin Reiter is an experienced venture capital investor with a multi-disciplinary background. Prior to founding 840 Venture Partners, Benjamin held a lead operational role as Principal at Starta Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, and startup accelerator in New York City. His responsibilities consisted of diligencing technology companies across a range of verticals, negotiating and closing investment deals, co-directing the firm's flagship startup accelerator program, and managing the firm's portfolio of over 100 companies. Benjamin worked closely with over 70 startup companies from around the world in Starta Accelerator, supporting them in all aspects of strategic growth. He has successfully negotiated and closed over 50 venture investment deals, and has screened over 1,000 investment prospects, from pre-seed to round A stages.

In addition to his work at 840VP, Benjamin currently serves as an Advisory Director at people analytics startup Cognitive Talent Solutions USA, and is an active mentor at several startup accelerator programs.

Benjamin spent the first part of his career as an accounting analyst at In Demand Networks, earning responsibility for the analysis of over $100 million in annual receivables. He has an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, and an MS in Nutritional Sciences from San Diego State University.
New York, NY

Over the past 25 years, Sohail Khalid has built and counseled successful businesses in various areas of financial services and advised leading financial firms, institutional investors, and family offices. Most recently, Sohail has been a senior advisor to Nomura's global executive leadership in the areas of financial innovation, FinTech investing, blockchain technology, venture investing, and asset management. He was an early supporter of the firm's foray into the digital asset ecosystem including investments in blockchain companies, esports, and the establishment of a digital asset custody business.

In 2009, Sohail founded a full-service, technology-powered prime brokerage business, Saxis Group, which was among the first of its kind to have its own proprietary real-time risk management system and real-time allocation technology. Through a partnership with Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing, the firm provided full-service brokerage services including securities lending, financing, capital introductions, and direct market access. This business was acquired by Weeden & Co. in 2013 and Sohail remained the CEO of the firm until he left to pursue his own investments in 2015.

From 2006 to 2012, Sohail founded and ran a successful investment management platform. With capital backing from Steven A. Cohen, Sohail developed a multi-manager platform to identify, diligence, and invest in emerging hedge fund managers. Over the course of this business, Sohail and his team evaluated several hundred fund managers and successfully managed capital allocations to select managers.

From 1996 to 2006, Sohail was at the forefront of the direct market access and exchange trading industry. He co-founded and helped build a software firm, LightSpeed Trading, which developed direct market access trading systems on NASDAQ. That business was eventually acquired by E*TRADE Financial where Sohail worked for four years to help develop the E*TRADE Professional Trading platform.

Sohail studied finance and accounting at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Areas of Expertise: FinTech, financial markets, blockchain technology, digital assets, alternative asset management, capital raising, trading, and brokerage.
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